Louise – Designer

Louise is an invaluable member of the team, with a strong background that spans more than twenty years in the building industry. Her education includes a Certificate IV in NAThers Assessment and an Advanced Diploma of Building Design. She and her husband, a carpenter, have designed and built several homes together.

Louse began her career in administration and office management, switching gears in 2014 to follow her passion and explore a new path – a decision she is proud of and happy with, as it enables her to engage in the work she truly loves. Her journey in the building design industry began in earnest with DDC Group, where she is enthusiastically learning about SDA design. Here, she is also able to merge her passion for energy efficiency and cost effectiveness with her desire to assist clients in achieving their goals.

With the completion of each project, Louse gains imperative knowledge and experience, which she utilizes to hone her skill and shape her approach. The unique advantage of her previous office management experience means that she brings a customer-focused perspective to her work. Combined with her understanding of the functionality of a home, and her skills in design makes her an essential team player.

Professional Qualifications
Certificate IV in Nathers Assessment
Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural)

Professional Memberships
Member of SDA Alliance SDAA
Design Matters