Ashleigh – Founder/Director

Ashleigh’s diverse portfolio includes more than a decade in the construction industry, eleven years in Accessible Housing for People with Disabilities, and registrations with the Victorian Building Authority in the category of Draftsperson. She specialises in SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) across all categories. Ashleigh holds in-depth experience in both the public and private sector, and finds deep satisfaction in bringing the visions of her clients to vivid life. Along with her impressive body of work, Ashleigh brings a positive attitude to her role. This results in an effortless blending of her people-oriented, friendly approach and her vast array of skills and experience.

Ashleigh is grateful to have the opportunity to engage in her passion each day, and is thrilled to work with like-minded people who prioritize building homes that clients truly love. She lives and breathes design, and even when she’s not working, she can be found seeking design inspiration through Pinterest, blogs and books.

Ashleigh strives to constantly better herself in her field, aiming to elevate her own education level through professional development seminars and similar endeavours, in an effort to expand her knowledge and broaden her perspective. Not only does this benefit her in her own career, but it also enables her to better educate clients, which is an aspect of her work that she takes great pride in. For Ashleigh, coming to work sparks true joy and inspiration, and she finds delight in creating accessible spaces that people can thrive in.

Professional Qualifications
Advanced Diploma in Building Design and Project Administration
Diploma of Building Design and Technology
Diploma of Arts in Interior Design & Decoration

Professional Memberships
Member of SDA Alliance SDAA Design Matters
Industry News NDIS Reference Group Member 2021